Anne Schlueter is a Los Angeles-based photographic artist. She has participated in solo exhibitions and group shows across the United States and Europe. Her work is held in private art collections and has been published in international art books.

The boundary of the lens frees Anne to see curiosities of light, shadow, color, line, shape, texture, and structure. Her goal in framing the subject before the ‘click’ is to capture images that challenge everyday perception of the ordinary, or conjure thoughts of myths and legends, or tell geological stories. Her intent is to create photographic art that evokes an emotional response to the details of this astonishing planet everyone calls ‘Home’. She completes her artistic vision by employing pigment based inks on natural fine art papers, or dye sublimation aluminum to dramatize fine details and enhance depth and tonality in the finished prints.




Fine Art Photography Awards (2023): Halema'uma'u Crater; Oh You Wanted Walls With That; Ride the Snake.

International Color Awards (2023): Bartlett's Landing; Turtle Dance Coop; Eleven Water Towers; Reflection in Midtown; White Dome Geyser; Egret Fantasy; Ancient Veins of Kilauea; Pops; Allen's Fillin' Station.

Black & White Spider Awards (2022): Resting at Pololu, Kilauea Etching, Turtle Dance Coop.  

Juliet Margaret Cameron Awards (2022): Whisper, Allen's Fillin' Station Route 66, Little Long Pond, Mesquite Dunes, Oh You Wanted Windows With That, Pemaquid Park, Waiting For Dinner, White Dome Geyser, Route 66 Bowl, Turtle Dance Coop, U.F.O., Kilauea Etching. 

International Color Awards (2022): Ride The Snake, Ice Cream at the Carousel, Whisper, Freeport Twins.  

New York Center for Photographic Art, Primary Colors (2022): Yellow Falling Leaves.



Art Review of Another Place Solo Show by Phil Tarley, Curator and Art Critic Writer for Fabrik Magazine:  "Anne Schlueter’s abstract photographs are deceptively seductive. The images simultaneously evoke both the micro and macro worlds from vastly different vantage points. Whether that is deep inside the minute structures of a pool of bluish ice, or from an omnipotent spaceship, looking down on an alien landscape. This duality of both meta-world and unearthly evocation is the fascination of so many of Schlueter’s photographs. Far out and far, far away could easily be the subtitle of this artist’s exhibition.

Many of these photographs act like blueprints of creation, where Schlueter’s terrene begs to be cloned and endlessly replicated to create new worlds; both worldly and otherworld at the same time. Her sweet palette of blues and sea foam greens vibrate out from their pastel simplicity into mysterious, scientific, cosmic commentary. 

Continental Drift, a large vertical work, seems most at home caught up in Schlueter’s lively attempts to play with this double vision.  She takes an extreme close up of snowy mud and icy water and makes it seem like what we are really looking at is an intergalactic view of an ethereal, perhaps a transcendental continent, caught in motion, on a distant planet, somewhere in a phantasmagorical universe."  


Art Review for Internationale Kunst Heute (International Art Today) by Dr. Ingrid Gardill, Munich, Germany (translation: Dr. Michael Wolfson):  "The landscapes by the American photographer Anne Schlueter are particularly striking on account of their exceptional colors and structures. Not only her wide shots but also such close-ups as Silenced demonstrate her great feeling for these two components.The grayish blue of the water in the foreground there brings forth radiant blue bubbles rising from the turbulence. This astonishingly strange color in combination with the lively surface invites us to take a closer look.

Schlueter’s photographs of Yellowstone National Park in the Northwestern United States strikingly capture the atmosphere of this volcanic landscape with its geysers and hot springs. Yellowstone, Top of Mammoth depicts the extraordinary colorings of the water and mud basins that shape this vast landscape. The artist selects her view in such a way that this natural spectacle is accentuated by a dead tree. 

Midway Geyser Basin, Yellowstone shows a different section of the park that is traversed by geysers emitting columns of steam when in an idle state. Schlueter captures the fissured broken crust of the earth in the foreground whose coloring is determined by the silica content of the water, among other factors. 

The artist presents us such natural phenomena as the structures of the Yellowstone region with its hot and cold waters in her fascinatingly beautiful photographs. In doing so she not only makes us curious to see more but also invites us to pause for a moment in order to take a closer look and be amazed."  




Solo Shows: OLLO, Malibu, California, 2019; Architecture and Urban Scenes, Selected Works by Anne Schlueter, Artifact Gallery, New York, New York, 2019 and 2018; Spotlight: Anne Schlueter, Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery, New York, NY, 2017. Photo Independent 2016 & 2015, Exhibitor, Raleigh Studios, Hollywood, California.  Another Place, Artist's Corner Gallery & Studio, Hollywood, CA, 2015. 

Group Shows:  Spectrum Gestalt, bG Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California, 2023; Grayscale Wonderland, bG Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California, 2021; Spectrum Gestalt 6, bG Gallery, Santa Monica, California, 2019; International Contemporary Masters, Metropolitan Gallery and Art Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2019; Grayscale Wonderland, bG Gallery and FM Fine Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 2018; Spectrum Gestalt 4, bG Gallery Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California, 2017; Focal Point,  Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery, New York, New York, 2017; Scope New York, Studio 26 Gallery booth, New York, New York, 2016; Context Miami, Studio 26 Gallery booth, Miami, Florida, 2016; Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, Studio 26 Gallery booth, Shanghai, China, 2016; Art San Diego, Artavita booth, San Diego, California, 2016; Spectrum Gestalt 3, bG Gallery Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, California, 2016; Architectural Digest Design Show 2016, Artifact Gallery booth, New York, New York; International Masters 2016, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas, Nevada; PhotoLA, 25th Annual International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exhibition, Los Angeles, California; Moments In Time, Gateway Art Center, New York, New York; International Art Festival NYC 2015, Chelsea, New York; Contemporary Paradise, Palermo, Italy; Green, Orange County Creatives Gallery, Laguna Beach, California; Art Taormina, Taormina, Italy; International Masters 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada; Roma Piazza del Popolo: From Caravaggio to Modern Days, Rome, Italy; Landscapes, Seascapes, and Skyscapes, Laguna Beach, California; Worldwide Art LA International Art Fair, Los Angeles, California; and International Art Festival 2014, Chelsea, New York.  

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